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Barbara Jean Stevens


Mom passed away this morning, March 30, 2020 at about 6:15 am Mountain Time. The virus season is hitting us hard right now, but she didn’t die from that. In her case it was just her body finally telling her it was tired, and it was time. She would have been 97 in a couple of weeks.

Mom was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1923. She was the oldest of four siblings and found herself in charge of her brothers and sister when her parents were away. From stories I’ve heard, from mom and her siblings, her sister and oldest brother tended to bug one another so mom had to break them up every once in a while, to varying degrees of success. She also had to sit between them during car trips.

When Mom was in kindergarten, she drew a green model A Ford and her classmates were impressed that she could draw a car! From an early age she was artistic, a talent that she enjoyed and served her well through the years.  Mom liked to play with dolls and once I remember her saying her baby doll had tiny dark dents in its head because her dear little brother Bob (the same Bob mentioned above) made the dents with his hammer!

Mom grew up during the depression so life could be hard at times. Her father had to endure a 90% pay cut which resulted in several moves before things finally settled down in the late 1930s.

While all this was happening, the family still found a way to get away. Their place of choice was Silver Lake State Park near Mears Michigan. The family stayed in a tent and Mom’s cot was in one of the corners. She kept her clothes in a box under the cot. When it rained the family would lay on their cots waiting for the rain to stop and one time it rained so hard the tent flooded and Mom was marooned on her cot! This is and was a beautiful area that includes Silver Lake, Silver Lake Sand Dunes and Lake Michigan. A great place to be both as a child and as an adult.

Mom had many great times there. In fact, it was one of her absolute favorite places to be. She bought a canoe that stayed in the rafters of my grandparent’s cottage. The only time it came out was when mom was there. She purchased it in the late 40s and it is still being used to this day.

Mom graduated from Ottawa Hills High School in 1941 and attended Grand Rapids Junior College for the next two years. After that, she worked for several years at American Seating Co. where her dad also worked. There she helped with the war effort as World War II was in progress. Mom could still recall the attack on Pearl Harbor many years later, when I asked her about it.

Mom continued her education over the next few years studying art and music. Mom had a beautiful voice and for many, many years was always a highly requested soloist at whatever church she attended. A favorite song she sang was “I Know That My Redeemer Liveth”. She recalls one time when she sat in the front row of the church by an exit waiting to sing. She had an irresistible urge to run out the exit and not sing! She stayed and sang but years later sang the same song again and her voice cracked during the solo. The song was challenging to sing and that was the last time she sang that song as a solo!

The art studies really paid off as mom was an artist for Herpolsheimer’s, Wurzburg’s and May D&F department stores. She did advertising artwork for these stores. Back then there were newspapers and no computers meaning all the art was drawn, by hand, for that week’s paper. I remember she liked to draw the shoe ads.

As a child I loved visiting mom at work at the downtown Denver May D&F. She worked with several other folks in a little back office. It was especially wonderful at Christmas time as there was an ice- skating area outside of the store and all the store windows were decorated with Christmas displays.

Dad and mom were married in 1950. They lived in Delaware, Indiana and Michigan while dad finished college and seminary. Their first church, where dad served as pastor, was the First Baptist Church in Edmore, Michigan in 1956.

The following year dad became a Chaplin in the Army and they were stationed at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This is where mom’s love of the mountains started to bloom. She was never a fan of the narrow winding roads but always loved drives and especially picnics in the mountains. We had many family picnics by mountain streams where my sister and I tended to get wetter than we were supposed to.

In 1959, mom and dad moved to Murnau, Germany where dad was stationed for the next few years. They were able to travel through much of Europe while they were there.

One of mom’s favorite memories was the night they arrived in Germany. They stayed in the town of Garmisch, and since it was dark, they couldn’t see any of the area around the town. The next morning when she walked out of the hotel, the first thing she saw was the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak. She said it took her breath away!

While in Germany, mom and dad adopted two children, my sister and I. We aren’t related and they adopted my sister first as she is much (okay, only a little) older than I am.

After Germany, we moved to Texas until dad left the Army. We moved to Colorado after that. Many years later we moved to Ohio and by then, my sister and I were grown and eventually moved back to Colorado. After a time in Wyoming, mom and dad returned to Colorado as well.

During this time dad was a pastor at several churches. Mom truly filled the mission of a pastor’s wife at these churches and was involved in everything from Vacation Bible School, to teaching, to helping out folks in need, to cleaning and taking care of the church and more. She was also a mom and took care of us as well. We all had our chores, of course, but mom did a lot.

One of the things that pastor’s and their families do is entertain different groups and families at the church. We were no different and did our share. One of the big reasons that folks liked coming over was mom’s cooking. She became “famous” at these small churches for her pizza. Still the best pizza I’ve ever had. Mom was also well known for her pies and other baked goods. My favorite pie she made was Lemon Meringue. Today that is still my favorite pie! A few times I tried to make the same pie and my pie was never as good as mom’s!

In later years, after my sister and I were gone, mom and dad continued to serve in several churches and were missionaries to Jamaica where dad taught at a college and mom worked in the library. They finally retired to Bon Carbo, Colorado where they enjoyed living for a number of years surrounded by nature. Around this time, they purchased a second home in Ajo, Arizona where they could enjoy warmer weather in the winters. Wanting to be closer to their children and grandchildren, dad eventually became a pastor in Erie, Colorado where mom again had the duties of a pastor’s wife.

Dad passed away in 1996, while he was the pastor of the church in Erie. Mom, after selling their house in Ajo, settled down in her own condo in Lakewood, Colorado. This is where she lived until she had a stroke. She was 89 at the time. She recovered from that and broke her hip a few years later. Again, she recovered. And again, and again. Through it all her spirit was high, and she was a blessing to others around her. Many, many times we would hear from folks that mom was an inspiration to them. At the skilled nursing home where she lived, she told one of the nurses if he wanted to go to heaven “come and talk to me”.

In her last few years, she was a tireless worker doing art projects for the nursing home where she lived. Mom taught a ladies Bible study and drew different landscape pictures for the monthly calendar bulletin board. Mom always wanted to be busy, doing something of value. Something that would bring joy to others. She also painted a lot during this period and was also a voracious reader.

Mom was very special. Everyone that knew her thought the world of her. She was tough, stubborn and while not very emotional (until after her stroke), she always showed her love for us and others. She had a good life and a hard life. Work and helping others through her work is what brought her joy. The director of the nursing home where she lived said “Barbara made such an impression on the staff and was revered and respected by all”. She was an artist, a pastor’s wife, a draftsperson, a student, a sister, a daughter, a friend, but most of all, she was my mom. For whatever reason she picked me to be her son. I am so, so lucky for that! Mom, I love you and I miss you…

John is our family historian and wrote the summary of mom’s life. I added a few memories of mine to his. He captured our mother’s life and spirit in a nutshell to share with each of you. I love you too mom and will miss our weekly visits. So long until we meet again.

Donations in memory of Barbara Stevens may be made to Mapleton Care Center in lieu of flowers. The donations will be placed in a fund to purchase a new shuttle bus. The address is:

Mapleton Care Center, Attn: Business Office, 115 Ingalls Street, Lakewood, CO 80226


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  1. Pete Arrants says:

    Carol and John, I inadvertently came across your mom’s obituary while looking for an address in Evergreen.

    I’m so sorry to learn of your loss. I have so many fond memories of spending time in your home growing up. Your mother always made sure we had plenty to eat. I can still picture the sun tea sitting out on the back steps. I do remember her baking pies. My favorite was her apple pie.

    I’m so glad to learn that she lived such a full life.

    May the Lord bless you through this time and know that my prayers are with you.

    • Carole Whiteaker says:


      Thank you for your kind words. So good to hear from you!
      Loosing Mom was difficult. Her last few years were hard as she was in a wheel chair and couldn’t be as independent as she wanted to be. We were so fortunate she lived a long life.
      How is your family? Please send me an email. My email address is cmwhit2@yahoo.com. Both Steve and I would love to see you and catch up.
      Thank you, Carole

  2. Julie and fred Spica says:

    Carole, Steve, John and Donna,

    What a beautiful summary of your mothers life.
    She was a devoted , faith filled woman of God.
    She was bold in her faith and always talked about how good God was to her. I know many people were touched by her life for all eternity. Your mom was a special lady and we know you will miss her greatly.
    Love your cousins, Julie and Fred

    • Carole Whiteaker says:

      Thank you Julie for your kind words. She did alaways talk about how God was good to her. I wonder how many people were touched by her words. Maybe we will know someday!
      Love, Carole

  3. Sharon Newman says:

    John & Donna and Carole & Husband,

    I truly will miss your Mom! I enjoyed coming to Colorado and having the opportunity to meet her a couple times. I loved talking with her. Don’t get me wrong I loved spending time with you all! It was something about the way she embraced me with the love of God that always had me asking my brother -in -law John & Donna how was his Mom doing! Her story reminds me of different parts of my life long journey! You did a excellent job John capturing how a young girls struggled can lead to SUCCESS and eventually being a mentor of God love to others!

    • Carole Whiteaker says:


      Thank you so much for your kind words. You captured mom’s story in a nice summary!
      So glad you were able to meet her.
      Hope you are doing well. Let me know when you are visiting John and Donna in Colorado. I would love to see you again.
      Fondly, Carole

  4. Ashley Futrell says:

    Carol and John: Your tribute to Mrs. Stevens was beautiful, honest and real. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into her beautiful life and heart.

    I had the enormous pleasure of meeting Mrs. Stevens several times over the last 10 years. She was a kind lady and her strength was undeniable. She will be remembered for her relationships with everyone she encountered. What I find most inspiring about Mrs. Stevens is that she used her time, talents and treasures to serve God and others. What a role model! I pray that God’s comfort and protection surrounds everyone she knew and loved – especially during this time. Fondly, Ashley

    • Carole Whiteaker says:

      Thank you so for your kind words and prayers. As I read each condolence I am learning more about mom and other’s impressions of her.
      Serving God was here primary role in life and she always did it well.
      Next time you visit Colorado I hope I can see you.
      Love, Carole

  5. Sandra “Sam” Boster says:

    Carole & John, as you know, your mother Barbara was an inspiration to so many. I met her in 2014 but felt I had known her much longer. I enjoyed hearing her stories about your lives together. She was a remarkable lady! It was so evident that Barbara is a Christian and it is wonderful having known her as a Sister-in-Christ. Deepest sympathies for your loss and celebration of joy knowing we will see her in Heaven!

    In Christ’s Love, Sam Boster

    • Carole Whiteaker says:

      Thank you for your kind words and the time you spent taking mom to church activities. She loved attending church, going to the activities and checking in on her friends.
      The last few years were hard for her to attend church due to health challenges. I know she regretted that but she always had a smile on her face and accepted the challenges she had.
      Sincerely, Carole

  6. Steve Whiteaker says:

    I knew my mother-in-law, Barbara for 49 years. She was a Godly women whom I had great love and respect for. She was always doing God’s work and being a light to the world. She will be missed!

  7. Jack Morgan says:

    Carole and John,
    Being Barb’s youngest brother (10 years younger) she was more like a mother to me. Spiritually she was a great example to us all. I highly respected her. I didn’t pull any tricks on her like I did on my sister Bev who was 4 years older than me. Barb really kept things under control when our mother was away. She spent a lot of time in the kitchen and learned good cooking from our mother. Both Carole and John learned good character traits from their mother.

    • Carole Whiteaker says:

      Uncle Jack:

      Thank you so much for your words. As mom’s younger brother I enjoy your stories about mom. I DON’t know much about her life when she was younger.
      I enjoyed our time together a few weeks ago and look forward to my next Michigan visit. Next time I am there I want to see your pictures of the family you have collected.
      Love, Carole

  8. Jean Kelly says:

    What a beautiful life, well-lived!
    May God comfort you in your loss.

  9. Lavada Keener Donachy says:

    Carole and John, This is the first thing that came up on my page this morning. I read and cried. I am so thankful for the time we had with her last summer. She was such a big part of our lives growing up. She introduced us to many things, art being one and though I will never have that talent I do look at the world in a special way. She sang with the voice of an angel. I always loved when she sang at church. Carole she did her best to make proper young ladies out of us. I would say she had some success it may not have shown till we were a little older. But it is there for sure. She allowed us to choose the paint for our Sunday school class as long as we did the work. She may have had second thoughts about that raspberry pink when you opened the door at the front of the church. But, she let us. My mind races with thoughts of her, too many to list. I just always felt loved and I thank God that we had so many years together. God Bless you both and your families at this time. Love you always, Lavada

    • Carole Whiteaker says:


      Thank you for your kind words and the memories. I don’t remember the raspberry pink color!
      I have enjoyed reading each condolence as I learn how other people saw Mom and her impact on their lives!

      So good to see you JIM And dad your last summer!

      Love, Carole

  10. Jann Glumac says:

    I am sorry for your loss. What a wonderful testament of her life! She must have been amazing as Carol you are an amazing person. May you find comfort in your memories.

    • Carole Whiteaker says:


      Thank you for your kind words!Being compared to my mom is an honor.
      Please call when you are in Denver the next time. Both Steve and I would like to see you.
      My number is 720-936-2003.
      Sincerely, Carole

  11. Eric & Karen Marshall says:

    What a rich and full life she lived. I love the story format of her obituary here. It was great to read her history and what she meant to you. Our sincere condolences in the loss of your mother. Great to know that she is enjoying her place in heaven now. God bless you all.

    • Carole Whiteaker says:

      Eric & Karen:

      Thank you so much for your kind words and friendship. John wrote a really nice summary of our mom’s life.
      We appreciate you reading her story!

      Love, Carole

  12. Scott Myers says:

    Carol and John,
    What a great snapshot of Aunt Barb – I never met anyone like her.

    She was gifted in so many ways, a truly virtuous woman. My Mom could never wait until her sister came to visit, saying “she will get me organized” (and she did). Whether by organizing the closets or cataloging the spices, Aunt Barb always made a positive contribution. She had so much energy, it was inspiring! I am confident that many people came to know Jesus through her influence.

    I think Aunt Barb got the Lemon Meringue pie recipe from her mother, as Grandma Morgan’s Lemon Meringue was the best I have ever eaten.

    We all will miss Aunt Barb. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and your families.
    Cousin Scott

    • Carole Whiteaker says:


      You are probably correct that Mom’s lemon meringue pie was her mom’s recipe!
      Thank you so much for your kind words and memories of our mother.
      She looked forward to her Michigan visits with her sister, your mother. Mom always had a running list of things she needed to help her sister with and loved every minute they were together.
      So good to see you and Jackie a few weeks ago!
      Good luck with your up coming move and finding the perfect home in Virginia!
      Love you both, Carole

  13. Rick Myers says:

    Carol and John. Thank you for writing such a beautiful summary of your Mom’s life. It brought tears to my eyes.
    Your Mother was truly a woman of strength and courage and it was through her that much of the extended family came to know the LORD. I wish that I could be with you both at this difficult time. With Love your Cousin, Rick

    • Carole Whiteaker says:


      Thank you so much for your kind words. Your mother and family always had a special place in mom’s heart. She loved her visits to Michigan and the time she spent with her sister, you mom.
      So good to see you and your sweet boys. They are all boy as they say and enjoy each other’s company.

      Love, Carole

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