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Dayle Allan Kokx

- April 4, 2020

Dayle Allan Kokx passed on April 4th at Swedish Hospital in Englewood, Colorado at the age of 74. Dayle was born to Wanda and Delbert Kokx on February 4th, 1946 in Hart, Michigan. After growing up with many siblings and cousins in Oceana County, Dayle studied Civil Engineering at Michigan State University, graduating from Cleveland State University with a bachelor’s degree.  He married Gale in 1968 in East Lansing, Michigan. His son, Jeff was born in 1972, and daughter Kristen was born in 1975. In 1980 he and his family moved to Colorado, where he built a house, raised his children, and had a rewarding career in Civil Engineering in Colorado, California, and Idaho. Dayle loved to spend his free time skiing, hunting (both with a rifle and a camera), hiking, and off-roading in his jeep with his dog.  

Dayle is survived by his wife Gale, children Jeff (Heather) and Kristen (Mike Conde), siblings Karel, Nick, Dan, Mary Jo, Jean, and Tara.  


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  1. DON ross says:

    Dayle and I worked for competing utility contractors in Michigan. That was in the late 1960’s and early ‘70’s. I moved to Colorado in 1976. When Dayle moved here a few years later, he came to work for me, and a lasting friendship began. I Always had the greatest respect for Dayle’s ability and dedication. A few years later he came back to work for me again. I have never had a more loyal or capable employee. I will always treasure his friendship. My heart goes out to his family.

    With Great Sadness,
    Don Ross and Family

  2. Daniel Ross says:

    I am forever in debt to Dayle for this mentoring and guidance that he shared with me through my early years in Construction. He was never short on time to pass along his knowledge and passion for building. I am saddened that I was unable to meet up with him in recent months, I guess I can attribute it to his teachings of always working and putting all efforts into the day to day grind. He will always be in my heart.

  3. Linda Krebs says:

    I am so sorry to read of Dale’s death. I fondly remember all the wonderful times we had together when we all were part of the Aussie exchange so many years ago. My condolences to you all. Linda

  4. Fred Sorensen says:

    Two very fond memories of my cousin Dayle were:
    1. He told me about a re-union his family was having in Hart. I fly into Oceana airport where Dayle picked up my mom and me as a surprise to his siblings. His comment was “You got your mom to go up in that thing?” ( It was a little Cessna 152.). I heard she hates to fly in airliners!” It was a very pleasant day that Dayle made possible.

    2. Several years later, I was at BeaVer Creek with a friend of mine and the three of us spent a few days skiing together. He commuted daily from his home in Evergreen, but was there every morning on time to hit the slopes. I had kidded him about getting a skiing lesson and boy did he give me one! He took us on ungroomed double D’s at full speed. He did fall a couple times, but would bounce right back up, shake off the powder like a dog shaking off water, and take off again, fearless and unfazed. I was terrified that if I fell, I would have been seriously injured. After each day of his “lessons” he would join us for dinner before heading back home to Evergreen. We had a wonderful time, bur I never asked him for any more “lessons”. He was far more at home on the mountain than I was for sure.

    Godspeed Dayle, rest high on the mountain and save some good spots for the rest of us who miss you dearly.

    Cousin Fred

  5. Warren Draper says:

    It is with great sadness we learned of cousin Dayle’s passing. His quick wit and even quicker smile will always be remembered. Our condolences to Gale and the kids.

  6. Ruth Bernache says:

    So sad to hear of Dayle’s paming. You and Dayle have been in my thoughts lately remembering the wonderful visit we all had on January 1 of this year and wondering how Dayle was handling this recent crazy epidemic.Now I know why my mind has been taking me back.

    You and Dayle will remain in my prayers.

    With deep sadness,
    Ruth Bernache

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