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Ernie Pyle

December 1, 1935 - February 14, 2018

On February 14, 2018, Ernie Pyle, a retired architect and a man of courage and good humor, lost his battle with many health challenges – Parkinson’s disease, a stroke five and a half years ago, and recently a fall, which lead to hip replacement surgery.

Over the past 8 weeks, because of the care from his hospice medical team at Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice, he was able to rest peacefully at home.

Ernie was born and grew up in New Jersey, graduated from the US Naval Academy and the University of Colorado in Boulder. He was a longtime resident of Evergreen, Colorado, moving with his wife and their three girls to Evergreen in 1978.

Ernie is survived by his wife, Sue, daughters Meegan, Monica and Shannan; grandchildren Johan, Quincy, Alexa and Desi; and his sister Joan Woda.

Ernie’s wish is to be cremated and remembered at a New Orleans jazz music party, to be held at a later date.



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  1. Ryon Family says:

    Sue and Family – so sorry to hear about Ernie’s passing. Sue, you have been such an important part of the early years of the Ryon family – teaching Josh and Emily. Your openness to love every child made a difference in their lives and ours. We will keep you all in our prayers during this hard time. We know that your family has the love it needs to support each other. Please just know that we care.

  2. Lance and Cheryl Huegi says:

    Our warmest, heartfelt wishes, prayer for comfort to Sue, Monica, Megan and Shannon through the loss of Ernie, but also to say, it was a pure pleasure to know Ernie. To know him for his type of humor, his tenacity, his wonderful talent to paint and the beautiful Christmas cards he produced. The afternoons of canasta at Ernie and Sues home, the Manheim Steamroller concert and several conversations with him. Rest in Peace Ernie. We have been blessed to have Ernie be a part of our lives and memories. Thank you for your friendship.

  3. Ella Schleicher says:

    Dear Susie and Monica, I’m so sorry to hear of Ernie’s death. I will miss him(and Sonja) in our weekly balance classes. Life is just too short. His passing leaves an emptiness in our class. I will think of the three of you and hope that you find joy and peace.

  4. Sue Pyle says:

    Dear family and friends,
    How heartwarming it is to read everything you had to say about Ernie, our girls and me. It is because of family and friends like you that we know our hearts will heal, and we will be at peace.
    With love and appreciation,
    Susie Pyle

  5. Marcia Younger says:

    Sue, I am so sorry to hear of your husband’s death. Please know that you are in my heart and in my prayers! May God bless you,

  6. Tom Nelson says:

    Sue and Family …. My condolences to you all. I was pleased to have known Ernie the last few years when we were classmates at the MountainView PT Balance Classes. We will really miss his presence.

  7. Renee Nickell says:

    I am so happy to have known Ernie since I was a child. Spending years in skating with Meegan and growing up knowing Sue and Ernie was special to me. Ernie had an easy way of diffusing a moment of drama with one witty or wry comment. With Ernie, when something looked like a duck, walked like a duck, talked like a duck – he simply called it a duck and moved on! How refreshing this was for me to see in an arena of intensity abd criticism. I’m certain that he observed far more than he ever shared. A deep well I would guess. An artist who would quietly capture a simple moment of beauty in a painting, instead of a bother explaining it with a bunch of words. I bet Ernie would laugh out loud alone and enjoy it perfectly fine!
    Ernie was blessed to have the sacrificial love and loyalty and true friendship of his wife, Sue. I am sorry that he had to suffer pain and limitation with his health these past years. My heart goes out to Sue, Meegan, Monica and Shannan and the grandkids. We will miss him on this earth.
    xxoo Renee Starnes Nickell

  8. Marta Rodeheffer says:

    Sue, Sending my best thoughts and wishes for you to find comfort and peace in the presence and love of family and friends. You are a remarkable woman, steadfast in the care-taking of those you love, walking together through the most difficult of life passages.

  9. Mark and Dianne Donelson says:

    What an amazing caregiver and wife you have been to Ernie with his health challenges. I so enjoyed my brief visits with Ernie when would meet walking near your home. Ernie was a good listener and did share his quiet smile and good sense of humor with me.
    I am grateful you shared your journey of care giving, need for self care and Mt. Evans support groups with me and others recently. You are a shining light and great example of devotion.
    Take care, dear friend.

  10. Gary & Marva Baldwin says:

    Our condolences to the entire family.
    Bless the memory of Ernie.

  11. Megan Kennedy says:

    I never met Ernie, but reading all the sweet comments and memories on here and on Facebook, (and because he helped raise Meegan, one of the best people I know!) I sure WISH I’d had the pleasure of knowing him! I know it’s hard now and I don’t want to set that aside, but I think it’s simply beautiful that he passed away on Valentine’s Day. I hope someday you guys can see how poetic that seems, part of the evolution of love—on a day all about love, you get to remember how much you loved him. And his wish to be celebrated at a New Orleans jazz music party??? Simply awesome! My condolences to you all.

  12. Jason Woelfel says:

    I wish I could go skiing with Uncle Ernie one last time! I have great memories of my solo trips to Colorado. Before Ernie and I headed to the slopes, Aunt Susie would make us these awesome homemade chicken salad sandwiches so we didn’t have to pay for lunch. During the drive to Copper, Ernie would impart his pearls of wisdom, witty anecdotes, and a little political commentary added in for good measure. I don’t remember many details of these conversations, but I do remember laughing, shaking my head, and feeling really happy to be hangin’ with my uncle. He was such a laid back dude with a great attitude. “It is what it is… lose the drama,” as he would say. Peace and love to the family. Looking forward to the party, celebrating a great man and a life well lived.


  13. Tabitha Pulinattu says:

    I wish I had known him better. I do know that his wife Sue is a lovely lady and our thoughts are with her at this time. She is so strong and brave.

  14. Johan Van Straaten says:

    Dear Mema,
    I am sorry about Grandpa Ernie. The thing that was so awesome about him was his art.The ones I loved the most were of Moseley and the fish. He was such a good artist! I am so glad I had him as a grandpa. No one could replace him. I am so so sorry about him.

    Love, Johan

  15. Alexa Van Straaten says:

    Dear Mema sorry for your lose.I remember when we went to the wild game and grandpa Ernie was pretty good at it. It was funny when grandpa Ernie would throw the ball really high. He is one of the nicest and funnest people I know.

  16. Johan Van Straaten says:

    Dear Mema, I am so sorry about Grandpa Ernie.The thing that was so awesome about him was his art. The ones that were my favorite were the ones of Moseley and the fish. He was such a good artist! I am so glad I had him as a Grandpa. No one could replace him. I am so so sorry about him.
    Love Johan

  17. Meegan Pyle Van Straaten says:

    May those who loved Ernie be filled with peace
    A rhyme or a sketch he never did cease

    Clever and witty was his typical style
    Delivered with smarts and a wry smile

    A lifetime of lessons and endless Ernie Quotes
    He cheered for the Broncos, USA, the Navy Goat

    It was Vivaldi he cranked on his stereo Honda
    Of his eldest, she couldn’t be fonder

    So as we reflect on the legacy that remains
    Carpe diem friends, family, and his four beloved dames

  18. Sandy Schulte says:

    Dear Meegan, I remember your wonderful father from your CU graduation. I had the pleasure of sitting with your family. His humor stuck with me, what an inspiring man. I’m so very sorry for your family’s loss. You will carry him with you in all the memories.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Mike, the kids, your mom and sisters.

  19. Shelby Young says:

    I knew Earnie through Meegan. I met him when Meegan and I worked together at DPS. What I remember about him is that he never missed an opportunity for a guick-witted response that typically left Meegan and me cracking up!! He loved his daughters and he taught them to look at and appreciate the subtle things in life. He leaves a legacy of good people with very big hearts behind, forever changed by what he taught them. Susie, Meegan, Monica and Shannon, my thoughts are with you and yours. 💗

  20. Kelley Roach says:

    I was Ernie’s assistant at SLP In the mid-1980’s. He was a wonderful boss and a lot of fun. I loved his dry sense of humor – always made me smile. He was so proud of his girls! Condolences to his family. What a great guy.

  21. Bonnie La Fe' says:

    Uncle Ernie will always be in my heart and memories. I was always impressed by his tall stature and his reserved and quiet disposition. Thinking of Ernie will always bring a smile to my face as I remember his quick wit and sense of humor. He will be missed dearly but always with us.

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