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Lisa Elaine Zale

May 26, 1960 - June 1, 2019

Lisa Elaine Zale passed on June 1st, 2019, at home in Conifer, Colorado, with her family, her dogs, and cats, 18 months after a diagnosis of Ovarian cancer.  She was 59.  She is survived by her Daughter Autumn, her Mother Velma True, Brother Greg True, and Husband Mitch.  Sister-in-laws, Donna True and Shari Zale and Brother-in-laws, Gregory Zale and Daniel  Zale.

Lisa was born May 26th, 1960 in Skowhegan, Maine to Herman and Velma True.  She was raised in Norrideworck, Maine, a small rural community in central Maine.  Lisa loved widely and known for her love of animals, family, friends, relatives and neighbors.

At her request, there is no Memorial Service.  She did not want people crying and feeling bad.  Her family will be hosting a Woodstock like weekend music festival August 9-11 to celebrate her life.  She brought a party every day to all who knew her.

Donations can be made to:

Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance

1777 S. Bellaire ST. Ste. #170

Denver, Colorado   80222

Her Husband, Mitch, remembers the moments he fell in love with her;

They had been dating 6 months and he was in her garage fixing something for her and of course playing his music to loud.  She came in, locked eye contact with him.  He thought he was in trouble.  Walking across the floor to him, she reached the radio and turned the volume up louder.

Mitch says she was his girlfriend for 30 years, roommate for 29 and Wife for 28 years.

Lisa requested to be cremated and her remains mixed with the remains of the 23 animals she and Mitch shared during their 30 years together.  Included is her pony, Polly, who Mitch shipped from Maine to Colorado to seal the deal and make her his forever.  There are locations in Maine and Jamaica Mitch and Daughter Autumn will spread Mom at her request.

Her Daughter, Autumn, was born August 24, 2002.  She was an awesome Mother and with all her other roles; Daughter, Sister, Niece, Aunt, Daughter-in-law, Grand-daughter and Wife.

Autumn remembers her Mother;

She has always thought of her Mom as a role model and is very proud to call Lisa her Mother.  Autumn will always cherish her memories with her Mom.   She is very proud of her mother and her ability to have been able to fight for a long as she did but Autumn knew it was her time to go.