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“Matti” Mattison Kline McLaurin

- October 28, 2019

On Monday, October 28, 2019, Matti passed away suddenly leaving his loving and devoted mother, Courtney Kline and his father, Matthew Mclaurin as well as his sister and best friend, Coryn


He was the grandson of Denyse  Kline, Lawrence (Maripat) Kline and the late John and Marlene McLaurin.  Also surviving are four uncles, one aunt and their families. 

Matti was a Life Scout and had a broad range of interests including robotics, Precision Machining, snowboarding, kayaking and mountain biking. He adored his dog and his Blue Tacoma.

As a student at Evergreen High School he was involved with Sources of Strength. Those that knew Matti will always remember his beautiful smile and his gentleness. He doodled the words “Peace” and “Love” all over his notes please take this with you.


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  1. Sam C says:

    Im sorry that the storm inside got to strong to fight. I just wish I was around you more to help you fight it. Your smile will forever be in my thoughts Mat. May we walk from school forever.

  2. Braxton says:

    See you in heaven buddy, I miss you.

  3. Ryan Murphy says:

    Courtney and Family,

    I was so saddened to hear this news. You will be in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

  4. Amy Furlow Howell says:

    Courtney and Family,
    May your heart and soul find peace and comfort.


  5. Karen & Buzz Humohrey says:


    We’re sending prayers and hugs , knowing this a very difficult time . Matt was a beautiful soul. Keeping y’all in our prayers always.

    Karen & Buzz

  6. Tara Pearne says:


    I am so sorry for your loss. This year, I lost my father-in-law, nephew, and aunt, yet I cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling losing your beautiful son. Matti truly was a special kid. He was smart, talented, and had the sweetest heart. I pray that memories of Matti bring you comfort and peace. I wish I could hug you and take away all your pain. Tara

  7. Captain Paul Filardi, US Navy says:

    Courtney, Matt and Corynn,
    From the DCMA Family here in St Louis, we are so sorry for your loss. Know that though you all have moved from us, you are still in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult. Celebrate the Life of Matti!
    With Love,
    Captain Paul J. Filardi, US Navy
    Commanding Officer DCMA Boeing St Louis

  8. Bill & Sharon Dodge says:

    Matt, Courtney & Corryn,
    We have no words adequate enough to ease the pain you are feeling. Please know you have been in our prayers and in our hearts. We will always remember your trip to Whidbey and our wonderful years together in Spain. Going to Gibraltar with Courtney to pick up the dog and so much more.
    Sending much Aloha to you all.
    Sharon & Bill

  9. Jason says:

    Courtney & Corynn

    We are heartbroken for you. Asking the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort to be with you. Praying Matti’s story impacts the heart of youth in our community to love well, listen to each other and believe the best. You are not alone. Trust that many you do not know personally are praying for you, keeping your family in their thoughts and having life saving conversations. Thank you for sharing Matti’s story.



  10. Jen McKeever says:

    “May I hold him” – Grandma McKeever 95yo in 2002 – Matti was a few weeks old and Corryn was a beautiful, energetic toddler when all of you visited me and my Grandma in SF. She was SO EXCITED to embrace Matti in her wide open arms and share her love with him and hug and laugh with precious little, Corryn. Time stood still for me – watching her so very happy. Matti was the last baby she held in her arms and she talked about him for days – she was welcomed into God’s arms, as we expected, a week later. When I heard of Matti’s tragic death, so young and with so much life to live, my heart was so deeply saddened. My prayers went out to all of you, his family and friends and entire community. I reached for my Grandma McKeever’s rosary beads and a sense of love/peace came over me. I knew, immediately, that Grandma McKeever was right there smiling at him saying “May I hold you, again, Matti” with her arms wide open embracing him with love as he entered into Heaven. There are no words or actions that can take away the pain and heartache of Matti’s passing. They can provide, much needed, comfort.

    May you find comfort and peace in your FAITH and at the hardest times of life – GOD IS HOLDING YOU IN HIS ARMS. My prayers continue for all of you – God Bless You, Jen McKeever

  11. Barb Garey says:

    Praying for you and your family for peace and comfort at this time.

  12. Terri Sanders says:

    I was so saddened to her the news about your son. I can’t begin to put any words that will comfort you and your family. Please do know that he has been put in the prayers at St Mark Catholic Chuch in Vienna. I have you, Matt and your daughter on the top of my prayer list. Hugs, Terri

  13. Jolene Hepperlen says:


    There are no words that I can adequately put together to bring you comfort dear friend. The best I can do is state what’s true – God gifted dear Matti with an awesome mother who loved and adored him. I witnessed this time and time again. I’m sure you didn’t notice but you were an inspiration to me to strive to be a better mom just by watching you with Matti. Blessings my friend.


  14. Logan Schenkeir says:

    Matt was a really great friend to me and I enjoyed the time we had at youth group then there was the first time we met at Breckenridge last year in 2018. I am so sorry for everyone that knew Matt because losing a child and an awesome best friend can be the hardest thing you could go through and I wish there was more than I could have done for him as a friend. At least at this year retreat at Breckenridge, we had a great time together and had fun joining in the talent show together and those are the part of the memories I will always carry for my best friend Matt. All we can do is keep pushing forward and if not for ourselves then for Matt and for everyone that he cared for.

  15. Rodney Rees says:

    I can say that without a doubt that losing a child is the most painful experience a parent can suffer. We lost our son, Ryan, just less than 2 months ago. Please know that you are not alone in this struggle and that there are many of us in this horrible club. If there is anything that I or my family can do to assist you in these trying teams please let us know.
    From the entire Rees Clan in Bailey, CO
    Rodney, Stacy, Jodi, Jess, MeKael, Thomas

  16. Karen & Doug Crane says:

    Matt & Courtney, While the loss of a child leaves a heartbreak no one can ever heal, may your love for Matti be a everlasting memory that gives you comfort during this tragic time. Sending our love & deepest sympathy.

  17. Suzanne Cannon says:

    Courtney…. I’ve only known you less than a few months but your motherhood and love for your kids was so forefront of who you are. I’m am heart broken for you and your family. I am so sorry I will not be in Colorado to attend Matties service or be able to offer you a long strong hug. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers … hold on hard….. and let the love that is pouring over you from those who know you….. hold you tight.

  18. Breanna Thompson says:

    I personally did not know Matt but this is important. He was in my english class junior year and was a very nice kid. He is very smart and you can tell he liked to learn. When i heard about this news, my heart dropped. The first thing i thought of was his mother must be feeling. Obviously his loved ones and the rest of the family, but when i saw her face book post, there were some serious tears coming out of my eyes. I am so incredibly sad and this an example of how screwed up this world is. He is a senior in high school and had so much to do in his life and his life was barely beginning. Today’s society is extremely messed up and we can not take this lightly. Society thinks that things like this happen all of the time and we shouldn’t worry about it when we really should. People need to realize life is too short to be mean or bring someone down. People need to grow up and be kind to others because you are going to get absolutely no where in life if you’re ignorant and rude. All of my love and prayers go to his family and his loved ones. May he rest in peace and be a beautiful angel. ❤️

  19. Aliyah Falcon says:

    Matt was in my Anatomy class Junior year. He was the only one at my table who didn’t know everyone else so we did our best to include him. There were times when i wanted to do more than I did because i could tell he was hurting so i tried little things during class to maybe somehow lighten the paint. I want his mom to know that he came to class everyday with a good attitude despite that. He was always kind to me and i remember sharing my markers with him and he soon after came to class with his own colored pens. I know it may sound silly as i was not close with matti personally, yet i can’t help but cry. I wish nothing but the best for his family right now. This kind of loss is incredibly difficult, and it’s important to remember to not blame yourself. You are strong and you will push through even this ❤️

  20. The Maichen Family says:

    Matt and Courtney, our thoughts and prayers are with you and the entire family, this is a pure tragedy to endure…peace, love and prayers for you both!

  21. Marlowe Family says:

    Sending our prayers and condolences to your family in this trying time.

  22. Lynn Westfall says:

    I am so very sorry for you loss. I am sending prayers and hugs to your family.

  23. Andrea Sommer says:

    Our deepest condolences go to you and your family. We cherish all the wonderful moments we were fortunate to share and experience with Matti.
    Andrea & Jeremy

  24. Kevin & Kristie McGuire says:

    Courtney, Kevin and I will be traveling back from Texas and won’t be back in time to attend Matti’s celebration of life. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Matti was such a sweet caring young man and will be dearly missed. He will always be in your heart. We are so deeply sorry for your loss and we will be home soon if you need us. Love to you and your whole family.
    Kristie & Kevin

  25. Julie Barto says:

    Courtney, Matt and Corynn…there are no words proper or appropriate enough to offer you any solace at this time. If there is anything you need that I can offer, please ask. Give yourselves whatever time your minds, bodies and spirits need to move toward healing. As with all grief, it comes in waves and you’re in the hardest surf of your lives right now. Just hold on and get through each wave as it comes. Sending much love to you all and wishing Matti soul healing peace.

  26. Trusan says:


    I’m at a loss of words. My deepest condolences, support and prayers.

  27. Carol Carper says:

    Courtney, my heart is with you. Having lost a child I know some of your journey. Be strong for it is long.

  28. Kevin and Karen Rourke says:

    Matt, Courtney and Corynn,

    We were so very sorry to hear about the sudden death of Mattison. We will hold him and your family close in our thoughts and prayers.

    May he be at Peace.

    Karen and Kevin

  29. Christopher says:

    Dear Courtney & Corynn – matti was a special person to anyone he came across it is a very sad time to hear of his passing I feel for your family but let’s remember the good times that you all had with him and also for the time I knew him only a few times I felt a connection, like you all said each and every person he touched in some way shape or form, also he was very happy to help in any way I am super sorry to hear and so is Lara we are here for you Courtney and Corynn !
    Love always peace be with you all in this time ,
    Love always christopher & Lara
    We are here for you love you lots feel free to reach out !

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