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Robert Clarke

1953 - 2019

On April 26, 2019, Robert (Rob) Gordon Clarke of Evergreen, CO joined his Lord after a two-year battle with cancer. Rob, 66, a proud Australian, was born in the city of Cairns, North Queensland, to Gordon and Betty (Jennings) Clarke. His meeting Mary (Stephan) Clarke during her time teaching in Australia brought him to the United States where they married in 1980. Rob felt ready for the northern hemisphere weather, prepared with a light jacket from his father, only to land in Minnesota in the depths of winter. Rob’s teaching and technical background led to a career selling educational technology and curriculum. Rob’s passion for his career was abundantly evident whenever he spoke. He was always excited about the robotics conventions and competitions he supported and chaired. Rob looked forward to motorcycle rides through the mountains, open-mic nights where he played his box drum, and any opportunity to crank the volume on a good song. Rob was proud of his children, Tracy Clarke, Anthony (Rebecca) Clarke, and, Brittney Clarke, and his grandchildren, Sage, Rowan, Poppy, Taye, Adelaide, Isaac, and Isla. Rob’s family in Australia includes his siblings, Wendy (Ray) Goldfinch, and Bruce Clarke, his niece and nephew, along with extended family and friends. Rob will be remembered for his endless patience and genuine appreciation for the life he led.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Mount Evans Hospice or the American Cancer Society:


28 Responses

  1. Larry Rowe says:

    I have numerous happy memories of the years that we worked together on Long Island. Rob’s enthusiasm for his family was matched by his dedication to his work and few, if any, could match his ability to teach a training session. Love and deepest sympathy to Mary and family. RIP dear friend.

  2. Jean Hessler says:

    Sending love and prayers for comfort and consolation to the Clarke family. We have such fond memories of our time together in Rockford making music and sharing family fun. Rest in peace, Rob.

  3. Paul Koontz says:

    I am deeply saddened by yhe loss of Rob. We knew eack other professionally for over 30 years and he was a fine man and a good friend. I am glad that I got to see him last at Gaty Nelson’s retirement party in the Fraser Valley. RIP my friend.

  4. Lu Ann Cormier says:

    Your beautiful family is in my heart and prayers.

  5. Don & Kathy Cadwell says:

    Mary, So sad to hear of Rob’s passing. Our deepest condolences & prayers are for you. God Bless! Don& Kathy

  6. Diane Florchuetz says:

    I was so sorry to hear of Rob’s passing. I hadn’t seen him since we sold the Muddy Buck, which must have been the time he started to fight the cancer two years ago. I felt like the folks that played Open Mic became family and I loved seeing Rob there playing. I wish his family and friends peace and love in your time of mourning. I am very sorry I will miss the memorial on Friday as I won’t be back in time. Love and hugs to everyone,

  7. Mark and Joyce Stadig says:

    We met Rob and Mary at the OLP supper club. I liked Rob from the moment I met him. Rob was a handsome guy with a great sense of humor, and an accent. I told him that he reminded me of Roger Moore who played James Bond in many movies, I’m not sure that he considered that a compliment, but it was meant that way. Mary would not eat my garnish of mushrooms and onions……

    I considered Rob a very special friend who I could sit down with and talk for hours about anything and everything.

    Rob was such a special person in every way. Loving husband and father, jokester, teacher, music lover, and a guy who understood so much about life and how to live it.

    Rest well brother.

  8. Rich Tarpinian says:

    We worked together
    For a few years on Long Island and I
    Have not seen him since I retired. His
    passion for his family and his work were
    always present. Mary, our thoughts and
    prayers are with you and your family..
    Rich and Marianna Tarpinisn

  9. Rich Tarpinian says:

    Rob certainly was special. We worked together
    For a few years on Long Island and I
    Have not seen him since I retired. His
    passion for his family and his work were
    always present. Mary, our thoughts and
    prayers are with you and your family..
    Rich and Marianna Tarpinisn

  10. Andrew Hill says:

    I first met Rob 20+ years ago at a training session at LJ Technical in Georgia, he was my lab partner for the dealer training. I remember he saw a picture on one of the modules of a green valley and he said it looked like the view from his house he grew up in Australia. I was able to work with him as he moved to LJ and later to Intelitek. I will miss him greatly. I am donating money to a SkillsUSA team to help with travel to nationals in his name.

  11. James and Wendi Richardson says:

    Rob played with us on many occasions at the Muddy Buck and elsewhere, and in fact may have been there our very first time ever at the Buck. He attended our first musicians gathering at Mandolin Wind and singing our group photo which I shall treasure always. He was a good player, a great guy to hang out with and someone who clearly enjoyed life and Colorado. He will be missed and Wendi & I were blessed to have known him. Good bye, Rob. Here’s hoping there are kangaroos in heaven.

  12. Carole Walsh says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Rob’s passing. He has been in my prayers ever since I got your Christmas card letting me know he was sick. I will keep all of you in my prayers!

  13. Lois Detloff says:

    So sorry for loss. Thoughts and prayers to you at this difficult time.

  14. Susie Elsmore says:

    OMG I just this moment learnt of Rob’s passing. I am in shock and my heart is aching for all of his loved ones.
    Rob & and I go back along way to the days when he lived in Cairns and we reconnected so many times on FB
    He was such a wonderful friend and he will never be forgotten RIP My Friend .
    Sending My Love & Prayers to all the family <3

  15. Dawn and Ken Goldfinch says:

    Please accept our condolences Mary to you and your family
    I know Wendy was glad she had time to spend with Robert
    And to say her goodbyes
    RIP Robert
    Ken and Dawn Goldfinch

  16. Patty & Chuck Burch says:

    “May the choirs of angels,
    Come to greet you.
    May they lead you to paradise.
    May His arms enfold you, in His mercy,
    May you find eternal life.”

    ~~Song of Farewell

  17. Mike Thomas says:

    We all have lost a great and true friend. I was honored to work with Rob for 12 years and have him in Mississippi many times over those 12 years to work with our teachers on two of his favorite topics, CoderZ and VEX Robotics. Rob loved teaching teachers about coding and robotics. A friend it gone but certainly not forgotten. May God bless Mary and the children and know that Rob is probably telling Moses and some of the others how to do coding and about his robots. Love you Rob.

  18. Jeanie and Rick says:

    So many memories…so much fun! We will keep all of the good times we had with Rob and Mary in our hearts forever. We have shared holidays, travel, boating, just being together (Bucksnort, etc.)….lots of family time and will miss Rob terribly. He left us way too soon but will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, Rob 💘.

  19. Deb Mohrmann says:

    Dear Mary, Tracy, Tony, Brittany,
    You are celebrating his life, such a legacy you have to pass on to the children. And, although nothing can replace the pain and loss, we are all fortunate to share with you memories.
    For us, we are ever so grateful our youngest daughters met, and we were to continue on past school years.
    Mary, your timing and all your ideas to bring people together, always triggered Rob to entertain more whether through music or good whisky.
    You both helped us see Evergreen, and Rob made sure Buck Snort was on the list! The nights at Muddy Buck and wherever Rob took Bob, are ever lasting memories.
    Mary, you and Rob made us feel like family. And for me, I will always remember Rob saying: “ Deb, pause…”
    I’ll miss his friendship with Bob, and the both of you together hosting us.
    I see Rob as music —- play some great stuff, probably a little Bromberg with Steve Martin would be my request.
    With all my Love, Deb.
    Thank you Tracy Tony & Brittany

  20. April and Randy VanMaldegen says:

    We were so sorry to hear about Rob. We hadn’t seen him in such a long time but remember him as always being so kind. He will always be close to you in your hearts. Praying for you and your family in this difficult time, Mary.

  21. Catherine says:

    Slowly, gently, tenderly,
    May peace come to your hearts.
    Rob and Mary have been friends since the 70’s first meeting in Australia.
    I will miss his generosity and his quirky humour.
    Vale, Rob.

  22. Dave Archbold says:

    I remember one of the first times I met Uncle Rob. It was a Summer day at Gull Lake Lodge in Minnesota. I was in high school and Rob had recently arrived from Australia. We were in the main lodge and I was trying to get his attention, maybe to shoot a game of pool, I don’t remember. I do remember that the song “Sailing”, by Christopher Cross was playing on the speakers. Rob just held up his hand to me, put his finger in front of his lips and closed his eyes. He was so into the song that nothing could or would interfere with the moment. I patiently waited til the song ended before attempting further communication. I learned something about “being in the moment” that day from Uncle Rob. Great man…he will be missed.

  23. Catherine says:

    Slowly, tenderly, gently,
    May peace come to your hearts.
    Rob and Mary have been long time friends. I will miss his quirky ways and his generosity. Vale, Rob!

  24. Timothy C. Lee says:

    Very sad we never got to do a set together again. i was so hoping you were improving. Until we meet again, keep that music in your heart as I will keep your memory in mine.

  25. Tim & Cathie Driscoll says:

    Love to you all, we will always remember him as the kindest man
    He will always be in your hearts and ours.

  26. Betty and Perry Knapp says:

    Dear Mary and family. We are so sorry for your loss of husband, father and grandfather. We have been praying for you all for quite some time and will continue to pray as you all grieve for the loss of Rob.
    He was a good man. And as they say “ only the good die young”.
    We cannot be there but will hold you in our prayers.
    Our deepest condolences to all of you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Love and Hugs from Betty,Perry’s d Family.
    Hazel too wanted to send her condolences to you all and continues to pray for you as well ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

  27. Kelli Varner says:

    It was such a joy to get to know you both because of the open
    Mic Nights at Muddy Buck. Love and prayers. Kelli & Bill Varnet

  28. Nancy Dodge says:

    Rob was a joy and great friend from the first day I met him. He and Mary are the best friends I have ever had. Love them both and will miss him very much. But I will never forget him!