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Cemetery Charges

Cemetery General Price List

GRAVE SPACES      (Prices Include Endowment Care Deposit) PRICE***
Garden of the Cross Single space* $1195
  Cremains space $895
  Infant space $495
Garden of the Cross-Upright Single space** $2,645
  Cremains space $1,995
Garden of Cross – Treeline Cremains space* $1,545
Garden of the Pioneers Single space $2,445
  Cremains space  $1,545
  Double-Depth space $3,595
 Green Garden Single space Green Burial $2,645
Single Cremation Niche   $1,395
Double Cremation Niche   $1,895
Window Niche   $1,645
Transfer or Assignment of Interment Rights   $125
Single for areas with flat markers, including set up fee $1,220
Single for areas with upright markers, including set up fee $1,470
Double-Depth, including set-up fee (see separate price list) $1,795
Sod Fee (Double-Depth 2nd opening only) $920
Infant $920
Child $1020
Cremains Placement separate from marker setting $540
Cremains Inurnment
(Cremains placement in cremorial bronze or niche)
Lift and Reset of Existing Marker at Time of Burial 1/2 of setting fee based on size
Special Order Tent & Lowering Device (must be prearranged at least 48 hours in advance)  (After 3pm or weekends additional fees) $485
Outer Burial Container Installation Fee  $385
Disinterment (Payable in advance) $2,995
Locating, Inspecting Grave, Marker or Vault Location/per hr. $95
Scattering of Cremains on EMP Grounds $145
Winter Grave Preparation (ground thawing and/or snow removal) $150
Saturday Services $400
Sunday / Holiday Services $600
Graveside Services after 3pm $385
Minimum Honorarium for graveside service ($50 additional if at another local cemetery) $150
Cemetery Administration Fee for Outside Funeral Home Burials $225
Set-up at another cemetery (lowering device, artificial grass, 6 chairs) $395

Other Burial Containers

Doric Grave Liner – Rod & Fiber Reinforced Concrete:  
 • Standard 30″x86″ID $710
 • Standard OS 36″x92″ID $1,056
Doric Titan – 31″x86″x27″ID: $1,359
 • Reinforced concrete w/seamless Strentex inner liner  
 • Top w/ tongue-in-groove & all weather Superseal  
Wilbert Continental: $1,500
 • Reinforced concrete w/ seamless Strentex inner liner  
 • Extra heavy lid  
 • Top w/ tongue-in-groove & all weather Superseal  
 • Nameplate and emblem on lid  
 Bell Grave Liner (Bell only, no base) 30″x86″ $710
Installation Fee $385
Polyguard Airseal Protective ABS Polymer 36″ – Infant $468
Polyguard Airseal Protective ABS Polymer 40″ – Child $540
Polyguard Airseal Protective ABS Polymer 69″ – Youth $698
Polyguard ABS Polymer Plastic-Black (for use in cemeteries other than EMP only) $650

Urn Vaults

Concrete Economy Urn Vault $250
HHH Plastic Protective Cremains Container $118
Universal Urn Vault 13x16x12.25 $355
Polyguard Urn Vault ABS Polymer 13.5×16.5×9.5 $274
Polyguard Plastic Economy Vertical Urn Vault (OS) 13.25x10x10.5 $182
Polyguard Plastic Economy Horizontal Urn Vault 9.5×10.25×15.25 $159
Polyguard Plastic Cremains Urn Vault 6.5×10.5×12.5 $75

All outer burial containers subject to sales tax.

* For flush markers only
** For upright markers only
*** Prices subject to change without notice
*** Furnished by Park for all burial services: Six chairs (if requested; $2/chair thereafter), lowering device