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Cremation Packages

Cremation Service Packages Available

evergreen-memorial-park-7CUSTOMARY FULL SERVICE WITH RENTAL CASKET — $5,601
Items included: Services of Funeral Director and Staff, transfer of remains to mortuary, embalming, dressing/cosmetics/casketing, obtaining permits, service at The Barn, hearse, register book, service folders, and acknowledgement cards, de-casketing and cremation. Cremation after CFS w Rental Sample Invoice

This includes the direct cremation services described below, and the planning and executing of a meaningful memorial service. Cremation with Memorial Service Sample Invoice

Our charge for direct cremation without any attendant rites or ceremonies, include Services of Funeral Director and Staff, transfer of remains from place of death and shelter of remains, obtaining permits, cremation container, cremation, and cardboard urn. Direct Cremation Sample Invoice
* The above services include the Crematorium Fee.

Additional Cremation Services Available

ID Viewing (10 minutes) N/C
Private 1 hour Viewing ID Viewing Room $115
Private 1 hour Viewing Great Room: Immediate family only (max. 20 people) $150
Crematorium Fee (Included in all Cremation Packages) $395
Witness of Cremation Process $150
Additional Crematorium Fee for Oversized Remains (300-349lbs) $150
Pacemaker Removal (required prior to cremation) $45
Weekend / Evening / Holiday Services (Additional) $400+
Expedited Cremation (if needed in 3 days or less) $150
Scattering of Cremains at Evergreen Memorial Park $150 or $195
Delivery of Cremains to Fort Logan Cemetery (Does not include Funeral Director or Services) $95
Division of Cremated remains in additional urns $35
Shipping of Cremated Human Remains USPS by Priority Mail Express Overnight* $125+
Honorariums (Clergy, Musicians, Church, Sound and Computer Technicians) $200+

* Includes packaging and transportation to shipping service.


Rental Casket & Insert* $1000
Rental Urn for Services $25/day
Urns $15+
Crucifix / Rosary $25+
Cremation Jewelry and Keepsakes $25+
Additional Plastic Standard Urn $15/ea.
Minimal cardboard cremation container** $65/ea.
Cremation Containers / Cremation Caskets $518-$5,500

A complete list of cremation merchandise will be provided at our mortuary.

* Included in Customary Full Service with Rental Casket Package
** Included in Direct Cremation and Direct Cremation w/Memorial Service Package