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Mortuary Packages

Funeral Service Packages Available

emp-photo-galleryCUSTOMARY FULL SERVICE — from $4,141.00 plus casket
Items included: Services of Funeral Director and Staff, transfer of remains to mortuary, preparation and filing of necessary authorizations and permits; and recording vital statistics, embalming, dressing/cosmetics/casketing, visitation and service at The Barn, black van hearse, register book, and 100 service folders. 

GREEN CUSTOMARY FULL SERVICE — from $3,291.00 plus casket or container
Items included in Customary Full Service minus embalming and public viewing, family may choose a private family viewing for an additional charge. 

Immediate Burial Options

This service includes transfer of remains from place of death; arrangement conference with family; preparation and filing of necessary authorizations and permits; and recording vital statistics.
A. No embalming, no dressing, no viewing, with minimal casket   $2,639
B. Embalming and dressing, no viewing, with minimal casket  $3,159
C. No embalming, no dressing, no viewing with minimal “green” pine casket  $3,111
D. No embalming, no dressing, no viewing with bamboo shroud & willow tray  $2,915

Above pricing does not include Cemetery Charges.

A graveside service and transportation to cemetery can be added for additional charges.

Other Services Available

Forwarding To Another Mortuary* $2,175
 • Air Tray Unit $372
 • Combo Unit $496
Receiving From Another Mortuary** $1,075

* This service includes transfer of remains from place of death; embalming and preparation of remains for shipping; arrangements with receiving mortuary and cemetery; shipping arrangements and delivery to place of departure. (An Air Tray or Combo Unit is required for Airline Transportation)

** This service includes transportation from place of arrival, shelter of remains, and transportation of remains to cemetery within 50 mile radius.

Please Note: the above forwarding and receiving charges do not include any memorial services or cemetery charges. The above packages contain only the items listed above. Casket, merchandise, cash advance items and upgrade items are additional. 

Use of Facilities and Staff

Public Viewings of Embalmed Remains  
     Visitation immediately prior to funeral service at The Barn (1 hour) $250
     Evening Visitation The Barn or Great Room(4 hours) $500
   One Half Day Visitation The Barn or Great Room (4 hours) Starting at  $500
   One Full Day Visitation The Barn or Great Room Starting at  $750
Private Viewings of UnEmbalmed Remains by Immediate Family Only  
     Private 1 hour Viewing – Viewing Room: Immediate family only (max. 10 people)  $115
     Private 1 hour Viewing – Great Room: Immediate family only (max. 20 people)  $150
Services at The Barn, The Great Room, or The Outdoor Field (includes one Funeral Director)  
     Barn or Great Room Chapel / Outdoor Field for service (3 hours) $500
     Extra Staff for services over 100 people (each) $85
     Barn Chapel Reception (per hour) $150
     Parking Attendant /hour (services over 100 people)  $65
Off-Premise Service Staff (includes one Funeral Director) $85 
     Church / Off-Premise Service Staff to Facilitate Service (3 hours) $500
     Additional Service Staff Off-Premise  
Weekend / Evening / Holiday Services (Additional) $400+

Automotive Equipment

Hearse-used on EMP grounds only  $175
Hearse (Black Van) off EMP grounds (3 hr min, $90/hr additional)  $200
Hearse (Casket Coach) for church service (3 hr min, $90/hr additional) Ask for pricing 
Family limousine (up to 10 occupants) (4 hr min, $100/hr additional) Ask for pricing 
Escort for Funeral Procession each (minimum of 2 required) Ask for pricing
Transfer of remains to/from mortuary (for air transportation to DIA) $200 
Obtaining Doctor’s Signatures, Permits and Death Certificates  $95 

Cash Advance Items

This represents items that may have to be paid in advance by the Funeral Home separately. These items include, but are not limited to:
Flower Tributes Ask for pricing
Clergy Honorarium $200+
Musician Honorarium $115+
Sound and/or Computer Technician Honorarium $75+
Newspaper Obituaries (Please see Sample Obituary Price Guide)
Certified Copies of Death Certificate – Certified Colorado copies $20.00 for the first, $13.00 for each additional
Amended Death Certificate Correction Fee* $20

*Plus Re-obtaining Doctor’s Signature Fee of $95.00 and replacing certified copies of Death Certificates at death certificate rate above.

Evergreen Memorial Park and its entities reserve the right to make changes at any time regarding policies, pricing, and procedures. 


Memorial Book $59+
Service Folders (min. 100) $85+
Crucifix / Rosary $25+
Caskets $874+
Urns $30+
Outer Burial Containers $710+

*A complete list of available items will be provided at our Mortuary.