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Carol Bergen

January 28, 1939 - March 25, 2017

She was the first daughter of Vernon Bergen Obit PhotoSyverson and Adele. She came into the world in Ottawa, Illinois. She married Tom Bergen on February 28, 1960; together they had three children, Tom, Mark and Mary. She loved to travel and lived in many beautiful places. A love of her children and her Catholic Faith is what she will be remembered most for. She is survived by her brother and sister, also her two remaining children Mark and Mary. She is resting in the mountains of Colorado. 



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  1. Stacey Hudak says:

    I am grateful for the time I got to spend with Carol during my trip to Colorado last summer. I will always remember her warmth and the kindness she showed towards me during the years I have been friends with her daughter Mary. Mary is a very special person who took wonderful care of her mother. I know Carol will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her, especially her children Mary and Mark. May it comfort them to know that she is at peace and no longer in pain. Memories of her and the love she shared will continue on in the hearts of those who loved her.

  2. Andrew Elzer says:

    Carol was just not my best friend.
    I could call her my partner in crime.
    Carol and
    I went on many Adventures. .
    I was the neighbor next Door to her.
    I loved going to the store
    and helping her buying things
    she need for food. She has
    taught me a lot and the time that
    I got to meet her,
    she’s a woman that truly believes
    In God I could tell always
    praying the Rosary with her
    beads sitting in her chair,
    I’m very sad to hear that she ago
    but God called her home so she

  3. Noreen Shimkus (nee: Byrne) says:

    I had a few occasions to meet Carol. Only one of these was a real visit. This occurred several years ago when we met at a restaurant in Ottawa to celebrate one of Mary’s birthdays. We had a very special dinner and Carol treated all of us. Whenever I saw Carol I sensed that she had experienced huge challenges throughout her life, but she figured out a way to kept going, and she always looked for a reason to smile. Thank you, Carol for bringing such a wonderful daughter into the world, along with, of course, your other two children, whom I do not/ did not have the privilege of sharing a friendship like I have with your daughter, Mary. Mary now has a most powerful advocate, her own mother, who has now seen the face of Jesus, and been caught up ever more deeply into the healing power of Perfect Love. May you rest in the Peace of Perfect Love.

  4. Susy Widjajanti says:

    I had the wonderful opportunity to care for Carol. It was so easy to be kind and loving to her because of the generous and loving person she was.
    She was a special person to me, loving me like she was my own mom. I have learned so many things while being with her. She was such a generous person; she donated a good amount of her money to numerous charities and many churches, and she  was usually always in good spirits even though she had a good amount of health problems. She always stayed strong and fought her battles with hope. She loved Jesus and practiced her beliefs faithfully. I’m glad that she had a wonderful daughter, son, and great friends that loved and cared for her so much. Carol will always be in my heart as the beautiful character she always proved to be. I’ll see you soon, Carol, but until then, thank you for all that you’ve done.

  5. Debbie watson says:

    Dear Mary

    I know how well you took care of your mom.
    Just know she is at peace and an angel in heaven where Hid will
    take care of her. Luv ya


  6. Debbie says:

    Dear mary
    I’m so sorry for your loss may your mom be at peace with in heaven
    Love deb

  7. Debbie Buennemeyer says:

    Carol, you were such a special person in my life. I will miss you. Love ❤️ u always. And your family.

  8. Mary Belle Knudson says:

    Carol and I had 60 years of friendship starting with high school friends…it was always a pleasure being with Carol…she had a light humor about life. Remembering my dear friend brings forth many memories we shared together throughout our lives. Thoughtful feelings of Carol will always live in my heart. Sending much comfort to Carol’s family for their loss. Love to Carol in her journey of the soul. Your dear friend Mary Belle

  9. Elysia Aufmuth says:

    Mary and Mark – Please know we are holding you and your family in our thoughts and prayers during this time. I wish I had known your mother, but based on my knowledge of Mary, she must have been someone special. My condolences, Elysia

  10. Barb Lutz says:

    She’s happy with God now. She has no worries. Many prayers for you.

  11. Juli Crewdson says:

    My heart aches with Carol’s passing, she and her family have always shared a special place in my heart. Carol taught me so much and always had a way of making me feel special. I still laugh at memories from over 20 years ago that made us laugh so hard, it brought tears to our eyes. When I picture her today, I can see her with a smile and a great sense of peace. She had such strong faith and conviction, that I believe, no I know, that she is with the Lord, the Virginia Mary, Tom and the family that passed before her. I pray the Lord brings you and your family strength, comfort and peace during this most difficult part of your journey.

  12. Bonnie Manning says:

    She was a very special person. Glad I had her in my life..
    Will miss talking to her.

  13. Bonnie Manning says:

    Mary I am so glad I got to have your mom in my life. I will always have a special place in my heart for both of you…

  14. Francine Jones says:

    Heaven must be rejoicing cause an Angel received her wings. My prayers to Mary & Mary & your entire family.

  15. Darkene Pokorny says:

    Working with a Mary gave me a good sense of her mother

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